Just purchased a new piece of land? Or perhaps you may wnat to pull down an old structure and erect something else. Either way, we can provide architectural technical and design services: skecth design, detail design, tender documentation, construction documentation. Leave it to the experts at The Atelier and sit back. Check us out

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We are unique, every one of us. If our interior spaces are a reflection of us - at home, work or leisure – it stands to reason that they need to be unique too. At Bespoke Studio 7, we are all about crafting that unique environment for you. Our services are offered at different price ranges without EVER compromising on the quality of design, materials and execution. The team is headed by Sunalini Esther who is a qualified and registered architect and interior designer.

In every instance, design is a deeply personal occurence - be it with the incredibly intricate nests of tailor birds or the royal Cathedrals of Europe. There is always a story behind it. And every story has a narrator (a client in this case). That makes it personal and unique. Simply put, every design - regardless of the scale of work - needs to have that quality of uniqueness in it. An element that makes it personal for the narrator. Sadly, the narrator is oft forgotten and with him, the story. And Bespoke Studio 7 seeks to put this right.